Winter Internships in Indibni Pvt. Ltd.

This is to inform all 1st & 2nd Year students, that Winter Internships (Full Time) are being offered in a startup company Indibni Pvt. Ltd., for the following positions –

About the Company

Indibni® is an Indigenous Design Company. Three III in our name represents our commitment to work for India by doing Innovation which impacts the Individuals.

The seeds of this innovative brand were sown in the soil of Jaipur, Rajasthan in the year 2012. Indibni has always believed in the power of India, Innovation, and Individuality.Feelings and emotions have always been the closest to the heart of the Indibni brand for more than 8 years, that has enabled us to present you with ‘the most special ways to say you care’. We are inspired and motivated by the roots of relations in India, which are nurtured by the water of love and care, to strive and achieve the innovative design for life!

Duration of Internship

4- 6 Months (Start after Exams)




Graphic Designer Intern

Mockup Artist Intern
Animation Intern

Customer Experience Executive Intern (Marketplace)

Customer Support Intern  


4000 -6000


In this reference, those students who are interested in internships are required to fill the following Google form –